In the last few years, there have been many rumors in the Java community about the new roadmap of Java and the OpenJDK. Next to this, Oracle changed its licensing terms for the Oracle JDK. Today, you can no longer simply download your Java Runtime from Oracle and use it for free on your company servers. You have to choose between different providers. One of these runtime providers is Eclipse Adoptium. But who is behind Eclipse Adoptium and how do their Java distribution Temurin and its licenses differ from other providers? And what does AdoptOpenJDK or OpenJDK have to do with it? As a working group member and committer of Adoptium, I will give an overview of the origin and intention of Eclipse Adoptium and show how this huge community-based project for the free reuse of Java has emerged within the last years. Of course, questions about security and future-proofing of Adoptium and OpenJDK will also be addressed. Additionally, I will show the current and future goals of the project and also give ideas how interested participants can participate and contribute to the project.