Can you say the same about your Java applications? Today, applications run not only as monoliths on a server, but also distributed as (micro-)services in the cloud. Continuous monitoring is becoming more important in such scenarios. For example, as soon as you want to be informed about running out of memory, too many user sessions or increasing memory consumption, logging alone is no longer sufficient. For these and many other scenarios, metrics are the tool of choice today. In this session we will look at how to implement, visualize and evaluate metrics for Java applications. We will not only look at products and ready-to-use solutions like Grafana or Prometheus. Rather, we also want to find out how to implement metrics in Java in a meaningful way without vendor lock-in. With Micrometer and Java Flight Recorder, for example, there are several APIs that can be used to easily extend a Java application with metrics and the possibility of continuous monitoring. Together we will look at different approaches and discuss best practices or pitfalls when using metrics.