Our application framework Rico originates from the open-source project Dolphin Platform. As this project appeared to be discontinued, we forked it and put a lot of work into it for improvements and developments.

The idea behind Rico was to provide standard functionality without writing the same code over and over again for faster software development. Such functionalities include data access, logging, monitoring, or security. To achieve this, Rico provides clean APIs to separate complexity coming from the set of technologies required to build your solution from your actual code.

Rico put on hold…

Sadly, we don’t have enough resources to keep the project up and running at the moment. This is why we decided to put Rico “on hold”. In particular, this means that there is no active development and maintenance work for the project itself and the provided components.

… but we don’t leave you alone!

We know about some companies relying on Rico. We also assume that there might be projects out there using our open-source project. Of course, we won’t leave you alone. If you are affected by this change, please reach out to us. We are still here and very keen on creating great solutions. This also includes Rico - just ask for it!

And for those of you who just want to contribute already made improvements back to the community, we are still happy to review merge requests. The repository and infrastructure remain as is and are ready to use.