Beginning next year we will offer trainings to different topics in different locations. You’ll get trained by us in Basel (CH), Munich (D) and Dortmund (D). We’re happy to announce that our first training is already able for booking: React Training with Simon in Munich.

React training

Overview of the React training

Web development is gaining more and more importance in software development. In order to successfully implement more complex projects, the React library is used in many projects. React promises high-performance applications and at the same time a simple, clearly defined structure. In this training you will learn the basic principles of React.

Practical exercises support the theory taught in the course. The participants apply the skills they have learnt in concrete examples from their everyday work as developers. The new skills can thus be transferred directly to their own development work in the project.

Outline with the most important Topics

  • Why is React a library and not a framework?
  • What are the concepts behind React?
  • What are these “props”?
  • What are these “state”?
  • JavaScript ES6 basics
  • JavaScript syntax extension (JSX)
  • Components lifecycle
  • Build-Process
  • The React renderer (ReactDOM, ReactDOM Server, ReactVR, …)
  • State-Management (Context API, Redux, MobX)
  • Client-Server communication
  • Router
  • React components testing
  • PropTypes, Flow, TypeScript