The Renaissance Tower Hotel in Zurich will be the host of the first ever “JavaFX-Only” event from December 3rd to 5th, 2018. The ambitious schedule of the JavaFX Days includes training sessions on day 1, a full day of presentations and demos on day 2, and a “Java on Mobile” day 3. DLSC Software & Consulting, the organiser of this 3 day event, was able to recruit some of the best and most experienced JavaFX developers for the trainings and presentations. Karakun is proud sponsor of this extraordinary event.


Day 1: Training

Kickstart your JavaFX development efforts and get coached by two of the greatest JavaFX experts currently known: Anton Epple and Hendrik Ebbers. The expert track with Hendrik Ebbers covers the following topics:

  • Scene Builder and FXML for advanced users
  • Transformation and component hierarchy in Scene Graph
  • Layout cycle and custom layout containers
  • Advanced custom controls​
  • ​Working with effects
  • Animation support in JavaFX
  • CSS expertise
  • Styleable properties
  • Canvas
  • 3D

Day 2: Presentations

“UI Makeover”, “Tips & Tricks”, “Deploy to Mobile”, and more - enjoy a variety of talks covering all kinds of aspects of JavaFX. Karakun experts, Java Champions, Java Rockstars and book authors Hendrik Ebbers as well as Gerrit Grunwald will talk about eye candy or custom controls. Visit the conference page for the full list of talks.

Developing Custom Controls - The TilesFX and Medusa Frameworks

Gerrit Grunwald (Karakun, Harmonic Code)

Gerrit presents his two open source frameworks TilesFX and Medusa. TilesFX is used for creating professional and sophisticated dashboards. Medusa delivers a huge set of custom controls that implement gauges, ideal for monitoring applications. Gerrit will share many tricks on how to accomplish eye candy effects.

Extreme GUI Makeover

Dirk Lemmermann, Hendrik Ebbers (Karakun, GuiGarage)

Come and see Dirk and Hendrik take you step by step through the process of turning a dull movie database application into a sexy app filled with eye candy.

Day 3: JavaFX on Mobile and Embedded by Gluon

Johan Vos and his colleagues will show you how to develop apps for mobile devices based on the Gluon VM.

Hurry up and get on of the latest tickets for JavaFX Days by registering on the conference page.