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About Oracle JDK

As you might already know Java will change at the end of the year based on the new Java release train and the new licence model of Oracle. Starting with Java 11 it is not allowed to use the Oracle JDK anymore in production. Next to this Oracle won’t provide any JRE builds for desktop clients anymore.

If you want to know more about that topics you should have a look at the following articles:


Until now most of you have downloaded and used the Oracle JDK until now. Especially on client machines this was a good practice since it was provided as an installer with auto update functionality. JRE and JDK versions of the Oracle Java builds until Java 10 can be downloaded at the OTN (Oracle technical network). Future versions of the Oracle JDK will be offered at the OTN, too. Sadly this versions are not allowed to be used in production anymore unless you pay commercial support to Oracle. The Oracle JDK builds are licenced under the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE that you need to accept when downloading such a Java build. How this licence will change in detail starting with Java 11 is not published until now.

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Happily a lot of vendors provide JDK builds this days. This page is an overview of all the different companies and organisations that offer OpenJDK based builds of Java.


Next to the commercial JDK builds Oracle provides OpenJDK builds that are licenced under the GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception. You can download builds for Windows, Linux and Mac for Java 10 and early access builds for Java 11 at the moment. You can download the binaries at Oracle for Java 10 and for Java 11 early access or just click on a link below:

OS Java version link
Linux / x64 10.0.2 download
macOS / x64 10.0.2 download
Windows / x64 10.0.2 download
Linux / x64 11-ea+23 download
macOS / x64 11-ea+23 download
Windows / x64 11-ea+23 download


Next to Oracle there is another option to download binaries that are based on OpenJDK. At the open source community around Java and the OpenJDK provides free builds of the OpenJDK. They even provide artifacts for more operation systems than oracle does. You can download the artifacts directly at or just click on a link below:

OS Java version link
Linux / x64 8u172 download
macOS / x64 8u172 download
Windows / x64 8u172 download
Linux /s390x 8u172 download
Linux /ppc64le 8u172 download
Linux /aarch64 8u172 download
AIX / ppc64 8u172 download
Linux / x64 10 download
macOS / x64 10 download
Windows / x64 10 download
Linux /ppc64le 10 download
Linux /aarch64 10 download
AIX / ppc64 10 download


Next to Oracle Azul provides free OpenJDK builds, too. The OpenJDK build that Azul provides is named Zulu. You can download and use Zulu for free (see terms of use) at Azul. Next to this here is a table with direct links to all current versions:

OS Java version link
Linux / x64 10.0.1 download
macOS / x64 10.0.1 download
Windows / x64 10.0.1 download
Linux / x64 9.0.7 download
macOS / x64 9.0.7 download
Windows / x64 9.0.7 download
Linux / x64 8u172 download
macOS / x64 8u172 download
Windows / x64 8u172 download


Another player is SAP that distributes free OpenJDK builds next to a closed source SAP JVM. The free JDK at SAP is called “SapMachine” and at the moment the following free JDK builds can be downloaded:

OS Java version link
Linux / x64 10.0.2 download
Linux /ppc64 10.0.2 download
Linux /ppc64le 10.0.2 download
Linux / x64 11 (pre-release) download
Linux /ppc64 11 (pre-release) download
Linux /ppc64le 11 (pre-release) download
Windows / x64 11 (pre-release) download
macOS / x64 11 (pre-release) download
Linux / x64 12 (pre-release) download
Linux /ppc64 12 (pre-release) download
Linux /ppc64le 12 (pre-release) download
Windows / x64 12 (pre-release) download

Next to JDK builds SAP provides JRE builds for the versions that are listed in the table. Since SAP provides all builds as GitHub releases a good overview can be found here.


Bellsoft is a player that is quite new on the market of JDK providers. But since this company is new the founders have an awesome history in OpenJDK and already contribute source to OpenJDK since years. Bellsoft has started to offer OpenJDK builds as free download and will provide commercial support in near future. A realy interesting point is that Bellsoft plan to provide LTS version as free downloads. You can download the latest releases by Bellsoft here:

OS Java version link
Linux x86 64 Bit 10.0.2 (JDK) download
Linux x86 64 Bit 10.0.2 (JRE) download
Linux ARMv8 64 Bit 10.0.2 (JDK) download
Linux ARMv8 64 Bit 10.0.2 (JRE) download
Linux ARMv7&8 32 Bit HardFloat 10.0.2 (JDK) download
Linux ARMv7&8 32 Bit HardFloat 10.0.2 (JRE) download
Linux ARM 32 Bit 11-preview (JDK) download

One really nice point about the Bellsoft builds is the support for Raspberry Pi (ARM). Here Bellsoft already provides Java 11 builds and JavaFX is included in the Java 10 builds for Raspberry Pi.

Important info ;)

We just added links to the artifacts that are provided by different vendors of Java binaries - we do not provide any support for them.

Why should I care?

Well If you already paying commercial support to Oracle you are fine. Since this is not the case for most Java developers it really makes sense to download OpenJDK binaries already today and get familar with them. To be true there is not that much difference between the commercial Java builds from Oracle and the OpenJDK builds but it will make sense to download them and check your Java appplications running on OpenJDK today.